AutoCAD Customers Succeed with… a 4-Story, Multimedia, Kinetic Chandelier. How Cool Is That?

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Las Vegas casino nightclub chandelier. AutoCAD customers succeed with multimedia chandeliers. How cool is that?

Swing from a chandelier? Been there, done that. But what about a chandelier that does its own swinging—and rising and falling and tipping and tilting? All in sync to nightclub music? And is 65 feet tall, sports 20,000+ lights, and comprises eight concentric, multimedia rings? Two words: Party on!

All designers dream of creating something that captures people’s attention and imagination. These guys are living the dream.

Tait Towers’ chandelier for Omnia Nightclub, in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. AutoCAD customer success story

And it’s not even warmed up yet.

Each AutoCAD® customer success story in this curated series—the full, original stories are hosted on Line//Shape//Space, an Autodesk®-supported website—focuses on the motivated people who bring these great projects to life. They all use AutoCAD software, but that’s almost besides the point.

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AutoCAD Customer Success: The “How Cool Is That?” Mini-Series….

Today’s customer success story about Tait Towers’ chandelier for Omnia Nightclub, in Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas is also the fourth in a mini-series we’re calling “How cool is that?” These stories are just a bit cooler than most.

Next up: AutoCAD Customers Succeed with… Helping Families Rebuild After a Disaster.

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