AU 2016 Video: CSI CAD Standards

AU 2016 Video: CSI CAD Standards

While the rest of the world might imagine the AU 2016 “CSI CAD Standards” session to look into a serious crime, the CAD manager knows it’s a different scene altogether. Led by CAD Services Manager and Senior Civil Designer Sam Lucido, the class takes a one-hour investigation into CAD Standards Manager within AutoCAD and how to implement for consistency.

AU 2016 Video: CSI CAD Standards

“CAD standards play a very important role in design and drafting,” Lucido says. “As technology changes we must change our approach to how we apply a standard to our product and design. AutoCAD gives us the ability to design and draft quicker and more efficiently communicating our ideas in a productive manner. This also can lead to a non-uniform product as we have tight deadlines and the stress of our fast-moving workforce.

“Take time to understand and develop your standard and own it,” he continues. “This class will introduce you to important standards tools in AutoCAD that can help you become more disciplined and efficient with your approach and providing a standard deliverable without losing productivity.”

Download the handout and full presentation and view the full video here.

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