• How Autodesk Docs Improves Project Collaboration

    One of the greatest challenges AEC teams face is the management of documents and files. As projects become more complex on tighter schedules, accessing the right documents at the right time is essential to minimize errors and deliver on time.With Autodesk Docs (included in the AEC Collection), it can be easier, and faster. For many…

  • More Than Carbon

    The combination of BIM and GIS data is helping developers to take a more holistic view of sustainability.

  • What’s New in Parameters Service

    We’ve got two things to share with you today that could make your work in Revit easier: Parameters Service is released from Tech Preview & Parameters API is now in Beta. Win-win, right? Parameters Service stores your project parameter data in the cloud and integrates into Revit to give you a single source of truth…

  • Revit 2021 Worksharing improvements for MEP

    In Revit 2021 we made a significant change to the behavior of MEP elements regarding worksharing.  This was done in order to help improve the worksharing experience, to better enable collaboration amongst stakeholders, and to provide a more consistent experience. The changes address three types of issues that have been reported with increasing frequency, as…

  • Revit 2021 Electrical enhancements

    In Revit 2021, we enhance electrical functionality with better globalization, systems logic, and ease of use.

  • Have you tried? Revit Path of Travel Tool

    Save time calculating egress and path of travel with a new automation tool in Revit.