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  • Have You Tried? Investigating Revit features and workflows.

    New how-to articles added regularly by Autodesk's Jeff Hanson.

  • Have you tried? Generative Design for Revit

    Revit 2021 introduced generative design tools to Revit. These tools can automate the execution of generative design studies in an iterative way. You can focus your attention on other areas of your model while Generative Design runs in the background. Then you filter the results of the generative design study to find the outcomes that…

  • Have you tried? Revit Path of Travel Tool

    Save time calculating egress and path of travel with a new automation tool in Revit.

  • Changes to Revit Deployments in 2022

    Many of you will have some experience with the new online deployment configuration that became available with Revit 2021.1.  For those that haven’t tried it yet, see this post for information about the new end-to-end deployment workflows, and give it a try here.  For this post, I wanted to highlight some key learnings from customers who used the new…

  • CHUM

    Project success with the largest healthcare facility ever modeled in Revit and a redefined approach to BIM

    Written by David Goyne, Senior Associate, VDC Leader CannonDesign; Deepika Khowal, Customer Success Manager; and Val Maass, Copywriter  01/31/2018 Set in the heart of Montreal, the new Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) is changing the landscape of the Canadian metropolis. Occupying two full blocks, CHUM is the largest healthcare construction project currently being built in…

  • Edvard Munch The Scream

    Housing the Scream: Revit helps a new Munch Museum rise in Oslo

    You are likely familiar with the work of Edvard Munch whose painting “The Scream” has iconic status and is a universal cultural reference.  But did you know Revit software has been central to the design of the new Munch Museum that will house a large collection of the artist’s work? In his native Norway, Munch is…