Data Exchange Connector for AutoCAD 2023 Released in Public Beta

Maria Lamas Maria Lamas September 14, 2023

2 min read

By: Gaurav Bhamre and Philippe Videau

We are excited to announce the Public Beta of our Data Exchange AutoCAD connector that will enhance the interoperability between AutoCAD and other design tools. This connector empowers you to exchange geometry and properties between AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3D, Inventor, Rhino, Grasshopper, Dynamo, Microsoft Power Automate, and Power BI (coming soon!), revolutionizing the way projects are managed, designed, and visualized.  

The AutoCAD connector leverages our ACC platform to store and access your exchanges. This will enable users to view the exchanges online without opening any design applications.  

Here are four exciting workflows you can develop using the AutoCAD Data Exchange Connector:  

1. Architectural Collaboration:  

As an architectural firm working on a mixed-use development project who needs to share floor plans from AutoCAD with the structural engineering team using Revit or Tekla. The AutoCAD Data Exchange Connector enables you to easily transfer AutoCAD drawings to Revit or Tekla, ensuring that structural changes are reflected in real-time. When sharing data from Revit to AutoCAD, the AutoCAD connector also converts the Revit Families into Blocks and maps Revit categories to specific layers. This gives you better control over the Revit exchanges being loaded in AutoCAD. 

AutoCAD drawing showing structural changes.

2. Converting 2D AutoCAD plans to 3D models via Dynamo:  

Curated subsets of data can be shared from your AutoCAD designs to visual programming tools like Dynamo and Grasshopper. This leverages their capabilities to create native BIM elements and drive process automation.  

AutoCAD drawing using native BIM elements.

3. Infrastructure Planning: 

Civil engineering consultants with topographical data coming from Land Surveys and Total Stations in AutoCAD, can export the data to Rhino and Civil 3D for Terrain modelling and accurate representations of the landscape. 

4. Product Design and Prototyping: 

The AutoCAD connector simplifies the process of transferring detailed AutoCAD drawings to Inventor for Prototyping and simulation, Allowing for seamless transition from AutoCAD to inventor for your product design processes.  

Download the Data Exchange Connector for AutoCAD today! 

Join our early access program for the AutoCAD Connector through the Autodesk App Store. You can also download our early access versions of Revit 2024, Dynamo, Grasshopper, Inventor and Civil3D Connectors, as well as our other publicly released connectors, via the App Store. You will need access to Autodesk Docs, as exchanges are stored and managed through that hosting provider today.  

Provide your feedback directly in our early access program forum – it plays a vital role in shaping the development of future connectors and improving how we interoperate across apps and share data across teams. For more information, visit our Data Exchange site, public roadmap, and community forum. Stay tuned for future updates, new connectors, and expanded features! 

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