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danlohmeyer danlohmeyer June 8, 2023

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To our Autodesk customers in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction sector:

Our organization is continually evolving, working towards creating innovative solutions that make a tangible difference in our industry. We are making strides every day, but none of it would be possible without the collective insights, expertise, and dedication of professionals like you.

Your feedback is invaluable, and for those who would like to engage further by contributing to our development work in the Building & Infrastructure Design portfolio from Autodesk, below are a few ways you can get involved:

Preview Release Forums – This is the way to try out our pre-release software and provide input directly to the development teams. By joining these forums, you get to test the software as it is getting developed. Here are some of our most active Preview Release forums that you can join:

Ideation and Innovation – Have a groundbreaking idea? Your suggestions and creative solutions are making a significant impact on our development process. While we do not prioritize purely on the number of votes, active voting and comments help us understand your ideas and perspectives. Here are some of our main Idea Forums:

Research – Everyone is invited and encouraged to join the Autodesk Research Community. Being in the community lets you see brief updates and quick surveys from teams all over Autodesk, AND this is also the database our development teams use when they are doing usability research, research on workflows, inviting customers to regular team sprint demos, and surveys we may send about functionality or use cases.

Product Roadmaps – Help steer our product roadmaps. With our new format, we love to hear input via our public product roadmaps. We use the votes as a significant factor in what we spend our development resources on. Here are links to the public roadmaps from the Building & Infrastructure Design portfolio:

Webinars – Join one of our upcoming webinars where the teams share what’s being developed and solicit feedback from customers like you. See all the upcoming webinars here.

Involvement in development work is not just about contributing; it’s about growing and learning together as a community. Thank you for all your support as we help you Make Anything.

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