New in release: Autodesk Bridge support for Revit Cloud Models

Gabby Winkey Gabby Winkey April 4, 2023

1 min read

Advanced multi stakeholder projects on Autodesk Construction Cloud have historically had to be hosted in a single company’s account. In cases where data needed to be separated users resorted to emailing Revit files back and forth. Valuable IP was either forced into inefficient file transfer workflows or had to be hosted in the hub of the project lead.

Autodesk Construction Cloud recently released a tool called Autodesk Bridge to allow controlled or automated sharing of files between projects. We are thrilled to announce that Bridge will now be able to link Revit Cloud Models shared across these bridged products and accounts, starting with Revit 2023.1. This functionality is available now for all BIM Collaborate Pro customers on Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Now you can control your work in progress data in your own account with simple permissions for only your own stakeholders. Convenient automated handoffs or simple manual shares give you complete control over your work in progress data with all the benefits you’re accustomed to in a shared project.

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