BIM Manager’s Corner: Revit 2022 and the Case for Upgrade, part 2

Aaron Maller April 7, 2021

8 min read

In our first post, we were focusing on the things to “be on the lookout for,” as a BIM Manager or as the person responsible for rolling out new Autodesk Revit software. In this post, let’s get into the specifics of some of the features that aren’t just flashy, but that can return immediate gains for your organization. BUT BEFORE WE DO THAT! There are TWO additional things to touch on for Revit 2022 that a BIM Manager should be aware of, now that you are perhaps getting familiar with what’s new.

  1. Shared Parameter Files, and Revit Version 2022: Revit 2022 sees us getting new Categories, for the first time in several years. If your firm still plans to use and support EARLIER versions of Revit, you will want to keep Family Type parameters for the NEW CATEGORIES in a different Shared Parameter file than you use in 2021 and earlier. Or, the earlier versions will suddenly become unable to read the Shared Parameter File. Keep In mind, Revit has always behaved this way. There have only been a few years where we have received new categories, however, so we often forget this.

  2. New Autodesk Feedback Tool: There is a new function built into Revit 2022, allowing users to occasionally provide feedback directly to Autodesk, through the User Interface. While there is not any *concern* with this feature, it would be courteous to let your IT department know about it, so they can decide if they want to leave the feature on or off. Similarly, with the Load Autodesk Family option, which showed up a year ago.

Revit 2022: The Case for Upgrade

When new features are released, the business-aspect of evaluating the software is: How and when is this going to save us/make us money, or save us/make us more time? (Yes, I understand that users are looking for WOW! Features. On the business side, however, it’s about efficiency and Returns) In 2022, there are several features where that question can and will have a DIRECT answer. This is not an all-encompassing list, but here are a few (not in order of priority). While some of these may sound minor in Title, their affects (written after) will be far reaching for day-to-day experience of Revit Users.

They have NOT been able to accurately locate the View Title, which has made fully cartooning drawings with the API, not possible. (If you made 1000 sheets, someone had to check 1000 view titles). With this in play, auto FULL sheet generation will be in play almost immediately.

We will be sitting down with The Revit Kid (Jeff Pinheiro) on his weekly broadcast, to show off- not just the new features- but some of the implementations mentioned above, and how you can leverage them to have an immediate impact at your firm, to make people more efficient. If you have time, join us at 7:30pm EST on 4/8, to see more!

Parallax Team is a Practice Technology Consultancy, that focuses on practical aspects and technical details of software use and implementation, to help our customers (some Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Owners) create and leverage a higher fidelity model, that has more benefits up and downstream. For some customers, we handle their BIM Management roles on a day-to-day basis. For others, we provide advisement to their BIM Management teams.

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