Navisworks and BIM 360 Integration for Enhanced Coordination Workflows

Casey Chaisson Casey Chaisson September 29, 2020

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Navisworks is one of the flagship BIM solutions offered in the AEC Collection that serves design and construction users globally with the ability to holistically review integrated models and data for better control over project planning and outcomes. The software’s powerful coordination and clash detection capabilities provide high ROI value for construction projects, making it a broadly adopted tool for BIM and VDC teams.

Navisworks has seen incremental improvements with each recent product release, with a focus on stability, connectivity, and quality. Our continued investment has been focused on where we believe the most value lies for our construction customers—in providing seamless workflows for the entire project team. The new Navisworks Issues integration with BIM 360 Model Coordination is reflective of this commitment to our valued customers.

By bringing together Navisworks and BIM 360 Model Coordination, we’re combining the best of both products: powerful Navisworks workflows users already know and love, and the time-saving automation and cloud capabilities of BIM 360. The integration allows project partners to save time with automated clash detection, increase the quality of their models, and create a single source of truth for issue management across the entire project team.  

Now, project teams can: 

With the integration, users can create and view issues in either Navisworks or BIM 360 Model Coordination. This allows for a hybrid workflow that enhances existing Navisworks-based processes and empowers Model Coordination users to do more specific clash detection and analysis in Navisworks. And, with the Revit Issues Add-in (currently in open beta), users can open Revit and view BIM 360 issues, fully closing the workflow between design and construction teams.

This new capability is a major leap forward for project teams doing model coordination, removing the need to pay for third-party plugins, and creating a common data environment for the entire project team.

“Having Navisworks connected to BIM 360 allows us to manage our model reviews more effectively through issues in a common data environment. Additionally, by connecting Navisworks to the cloud we can integrate the best of both Navisworks and Model Coordination workflows. This allows us the flexibility to utilize different processes to provide the best solutions for our clients.”

Nick Bobbit, VDC Manager at Barton Malow

Key features of the Navisworks and BIM 360 Model Coordination integration include:

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