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Put coordination into the hands of the whole project team – accelerating workflows and increasing transparency


BIM 360 enables teams to quickly identify and resolve costly issues before construction through automated clash detection and clash resolution workflows in a single, shared multi-model coordination space.

  • 3D Model Access & Navigation. Access models online or offline. Easily pan, zoom, and orbit using gravity-assisted walk through navigation or make calculations using point-to-point tools.
  • Automatic Clash Detection. When models are published or updated clash detection runs automatically providing teams with quick visibility into the impact of changes.
  • Clash Matrix. View clashes across all published models in a coordination space and drill into clashing objects. Heat maps identify areas with the most clashes to prioritize efforts.
  • Model Aggregation. Automation of multi-discipline model aggregation. ake advantage of project standards for spatial breakdown to easily review coordination issues.
  • Issue Management. Assign coordination issues to speed up clash resolution or mark clashing objects as ‘not an issue’ to remove noise.

“We’re seeing an interesting democratization of the tool. Rather than needing an expert in Navisworks or Revit, anyone can look and use BIM 360 Model Coordination.” 

— Dennis McNeal, BIM Manager at AECOM

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