Managing Tickets

Occupant Quick Tickets

Katie Murff|27 Jan, 2020

When occupants join the portfolio and log in to file a ticket, they see a set of quick tickets. Selecting a quick ticket creates a ticket with a standard description, category, and priority. The occupant can then add additional information such as a photo and location.

Define the quick tickets in Portfolio Settings. You can add new quick tickets, edit existing ones, and adjust the display order. The count in the right column tracks the number of times occupants use that quick ticket. Use this count to remove unused quick tickets or to decide how to order them.

If you manage different types of buildings, you can create different sets of quick tickets. For example, let’s assume the portfolio consists of dorms and classrooms. In the dorms, you need a quick ticket for lost keys. Here are the steps to create two sets of occupant quick tickets:

  • The campus has fewer dorms than classroom buildings, so add the category dorm to the dorm building records
  • In portfolio settings, add an occupant quick ticket called key request. In the field labeled, buildings with categories, pick dorm.
  • This will create a new set of quick tickets for the dorms
  • The rest of the buildings in the portfolio will use the default set of occupant quick tickets