Managing Tickets

How to send Metasys email alarms to BIM 360 Ops

Jessica Smith|04 Jan, 2019

The Autodesk CREFTS team automatically creates tickets in BIM 360 Ops from Metasys email alarms. Here are the steps to do this.

1. Set the Alarm/Warning Thresholds for an asset. Below is an example of a VAV Zone Temperature alarm.

2. In the Alarm Setup section, set the Alarm Priority and Alarm Message Text. The Alarm Message Text will appear in the ticket description. We put the BIM 360 Ops Asset ID in this field.

3. Enable email notifications in the server window. Create a new Destination with the following information:

    1. Email Address is the BIM 360 Ops building email
    2. Set the Event Filters to Priority == Alarm Priority Value from above
    3. In Format, check to include the Message and Value. These will appear in the BIM 360 Ops ticket.