Export Schedules to Airtable

Katie Murff|08 Oct, 2019

Do you need to schedule a technician across multiple buildings? Do you wish you could view your scheduled tasks on a calendar?

Portfolio owners and co-owners can export scheduled tasks to an Airtable base for viewing in a calendar. Export the schedules to Airtable. View the schedules on a calendar. Adjust the scheduled dates. Import the new dates to BIM 360 Ops to change the Next Ticket Due Dates. Below are the steps to set this up. Note, this is available for paid portfolios only.

To export the schedules:

  1. Sign up for an Airtable account.
  2. Copy the BIM 360 Ops base embedded below by clicking Copy base in the footer.
  3. Connect the base to your portfolio. Enter the Airtable API and Base keys in the BIM 360 Ops Portfolio Settings. To find these keys, go to Airtable, click on Help, then select API documentation.
    • API key: Follow the steps to generate an API key. Copy that key and paste it in the API key field in the BIM 360 Ops portfolio settings.
    • Base key: Go back to the API documentation. View the Authentication section. In the right column, look at the example query. The value that starts with app is the Base key. Copy that value and paste it in the Schedules Base key field in the BIM 360 Ops portfolio settings.
  4. Export the schedules to Airtable. In BIM 360 Ops, view the Schedules in Scheduled Tasks. Tap Share, then Export to Airtable to export existing schedules.
  5. Adjust the next ticket due dates in Airtable.
    • View the calendar of schedules by Next Due Date
    • Move the scheduled tasks to the dates you want to perform them
    • Do not rename or delete columns in Airtable
    • Do not change the scheduled time, only the scheduled date
  6. Import the new dates to BIM 360 Ops.
    • In Schedules, tap Share, then Import from Airtable to update the new due dates
    • When you look at the Next Ticket Due Dates in BIM 360 Ops, if the date seems incorrect, the ticket may have already been created and the schedule updated accordingly. View the schedule’s associated ticket to confirm that the ticket was created.
  7. To disconnect the base, delete the API and Base keys

To create a 12-month calendar of scheduled tasks:

  1. In Airtable, right-click on a schedule and choose Duplicate Record from the menu
  2. Set the next date
  3. Only the next future date is imported to BIM 360 Ops. As the year progresses, import the next group of ticket dates. If you used the Duplicate Record function, the ticket dates are correctly matched to the schedule.


  1. Only future dates are imported to BIM 360 Ops
  2. Daily and Weekly schedules are not exported to Airtable
  3. Do not rename or delete columns in Airtable. Hide the columns you do not want to see.

Click Copy base in the lower, right corner to copy the BIM 360 Ops base template.