Create Tickets from Building Sensor Alerts

Katie Murff|27 Jan, 2020

Do you want to do more with your building sensor alerts? How do you ensure the correct people see them? How do you report on them? Autodesk BIM 360 Ops can help.

BIM 360 Ops makes it easy to create a ticket from an email alert. Here are the steps:

  • In Portfolio Settings, enable sensor tickets. You must be the portfolio owner or co-owner to do this.
  • Copy the building’s unique email address from the building record
  • Configure the sensor alerts to send to the building email address
  • Optionally, you can automatically associate a location or asset with the ticket. Modify the building email address by adding .[room number] or .[asset ID] after the building prefix. For example, if the building prefix is LF and you want the ticket associated with room 101, change the email to LF.101@.

To report on your sensor tickets, view the ticket list as a graph. Then group the tickets by Ticket Type or break down the graph data by Ticket Type.

Filter a list or graph of tickets to show only sensor tickets by typing kind (sensor) in the search box. You can also search for the sensor’s email address.

If the building has an indoor map, you can also visualize the sensor tickets on the building floor plan.