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Autodesk CREFTS: Scheduled Inspections

Jessica Smith|12 Apr, 2018

The Autodesk Corporate Real Estate, Facilities, Travel, Safety and Security (CREFTS) team manages over two million square feet of space in 38 countries with a staff of 200. We use BIM 360 Ops for asset management.

We use scheduled tasks to drive accountability and ensure compliance with local regulations. Here are some examples.

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Initially, we created asset records for each of the fire extinguishers with individual scheduled tasks. This approach generated too many tickets to be manageable. Now we schedule one task per building. If a fire extinguisher requires maintenance, we create a new ticket to track the issue.

Quarterly Safety Inspection

The quarterly safety inspection is an EH&S checklist. A checklist is attached to the task and automatically included in each ticket created.

Quarterly HVAC PM – Split System Units

Like the fire extinguisher task, this mechanical task does not have associated assets. New tickets are created and assigned to the appropriate asset for follow up work.

Semi-Annual Carpet Cleaning and Touch-up Painting

Scheduled tasks are used to plan routine maintenance, such as carpet cleaning and touch-up painting, during company breaks. The tasks are particularly helpful for scheduling vendors.

Annual Kitchen Health Permit Review

We scheduled tasks for annual permit and contract renewals. The service contracts are attached to the scheduled task for reference.

Annual Roll-Up Door Maintenance

The roll-up door task is another example of a task without an associated asset. The documentation for the door is attached to the scheduled task.


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