Managing Tickets

5 Reports That Can Help You Manage Tickets

Katie Murff|14 Jun, 2016

Wondering where to get started managing tickets? Here are five reports to try:

  1. Triage new tickets by urgency. Click on New from the All Building page. Switch to the graph view and break the graph down by Priority. Clicking on the Urgent bar will take you to a list of just those tickets. Alternately, when you are viewing the list of New tickets, search for “status (urgent)”.
  2. Filter by category. To create a report for your electricians, start with All Tickets by Buildings. Break the graph down by Priority. Then in the search bar, type “category (electrical)”. You may isolate any category by doing this.
  3. Identify which assets break most. To understand which assets have the most reactive tickets, start with All Tickets by Asset and break the graph down by Ticket Type. Hide the Preventive Tickets by clicking on the box in the legend.
  4. Manage the workload. To see which technicians have the most tickets, go to All Tickets by Technician and break the graph down by Status or Priority. In the search bar, type “category (plumbing)” to narrow the view to only plumbers.
  5. Understand how time is spent. To understand the hours worked by technicians change “Show me number of tickets” to “Show me hours worked”. View the data by Assigned Technician. Break the graph down by Ticket Type to understand what portion of hours are being spent on your preventive maintenance program.

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