Features Model coordination

Effective coordination of multi-discipline models lays the foundation for a more constructable set of plans. BIM 360 supports model coordination workflows with features to support model aggregation, viewing, and coordination of trades.

Key Benefits

  • Centrally coordinate models
  • View models on web or mobile
  • Filter and view merged models
  • Assign and manage coordination issues

Merge Models

Aggregate multi-discipline models into a single view to enable coordination across trades and identify potential problems.

Filter & View Models

Filter model views by floor or discipline to visualize spaces and identify coordination issues.

Clash Detection

Identify and view clashing objects that exist in coordinated models. Clash detection is performed automatically as new models are published.

Coordination Space

Create specific folders within BIM 360 to publish and manage coordinated models. Set permissions to control access to coordination spaces.

Coordination Issues

Assign issues to trades to resolve individual or groups of clashing objects, or mark clashing objects to be ignored until a later point in the project to speed up coordination.

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