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Requesting and approving payments due and tracking progress is a massive undertaking in construction. Automate these tasks and gain a real-time view of the financial health of the project with construction management software.

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Pay Applications Benefits of using BIM 360 for Construction Project Financials

Avoid risk and errors resulting from the use of disconnected cost management tools, and benefit from real-time visibility into how payments are affecting the project budget to maintain a view of the financial health of the project.


Automate Repetitive Processes

Add a level of automation to pay applications with generation of schedule of values, connection of payments to the main contract and real-time budget summary updates.


Effortlessly Manage Payments

Manage incremental pay applications for each supplier with the ability to easily track both pending payments and completed payments against the total work to be completed.


View Project Financial Health

Gain real-time visibility into a project’s financial health with all cost-related activities available in a single software platform

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Pay Applications Workflow Automate payment applications and processing, track completed and pending items, and view project financials

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Key Features BIM 360 features supporting the request and approval of payments due, and payment progress tracking

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