Features Punch Lists

Ensure that work is complete and up to par with easy-to-use punch list tools. BIM 360 supports digital closeout and punch list processes with standardized punch list templates and powerful quality issue creation capabilities on mobile devices.

Key Benefits

  • Standardize punch list procedures
  • Execute mobile inspections
  • Determine root cause
  • Manage quality issues

Punch List Templates

Create punch lists from scratch with a drag-and-drop UI, or import digital checklists. Modify full checklists, sections or individual items.

Assign Punch Lists

Assign punch lists — including location details and deadlines —to team members, roles or companies.

Mobile Inspections

Access punch lists on mobile devices, review the criteria for each item and mark as conforming or non-conforming.

Create Issues

Create and assign issues, including automatic issue creation for non-conforming checklist items. Add photos or comments to aid in issue resolution.

Issue Status

Track the status of assigned issues from work complete through final inspection.


Add signatures to punch lists to support accountability, and include typed names for clarity.

Root Cause

Log the root cause of issues to help identify and resolve common problems. Choose from a list of common causes, or define custom root causes.

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