Workflow Construction Asset & Equipment Tracking

Streamline the tracking and management of construction project assets from design through handover.

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Asset & Equipment Tracking Benefits of using BIM 360 for asset and equipment tracking

Without a coordinated asset tracking system, information lives in silos and the commissioning and handover process is often disorganized and time consuming. Save time and resolve issues faster with the BIM 360 Assets module. Teams can get quick visibility into project status and decrease the time it takes to move into operations all while minimizing potential risk.

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Enhance project status visibility

Easily customize and view assets statuses in a single location

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Accelerate commissioning

Connect asset information with issues and checklists for onsite use

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Improve handover

Quickly access and export all asset documentation through a centralized repository

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Asset & Equipment Tracking Workflow Track and manage the lifecycle of construction assets from design through handover.

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Key Features Better manage entire lifecycle tracking of assets and improve commissioning and handover with BIM 360

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