Features RFI Management

Control and manage the RFI process with tools that make it easier to define workflows, track progress and manage RFIs from web or mobile devices. BIM 360 supports RFI workflows with features to support the creation, review, and approval of project RFIs.

Key Benefits

  • Configure RFI workflows
  • Post RFIs to drawings or models
  • Access RFIs on web or mobile
  • Track and manage RFI status

Create RFI

Create RFIs from web or mobile, and post to specific areas of any 2D document or 3D model.

Configure Workflow

Designate RFI actions for individual users or project roles, including control over who can submit, create, respond to and approve RFIs.

RFI Status

Easily view the status of RFIs—from submitted to open, answered to closed — with color-coded status indicators.


RFI Review

Add additional co-reviewers, comment on RFIs, attach documents, and submit official responses.

RFI to Potential Change Order

Easily track the origin of the change orders by creating a PCO from an RFI or link existing RFIs to PCOs.

Filter & Sort

Filter, sort, and export to display a list of all project RFIs.

RFI Reports

Create and share detailed or summary RFI reports to provide a view of RFIs by status, assignee, or date.

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