Features Submittals

Create submittals packages, track the flow of approval processes, manage all information in a single document library. BIM 360 supports submittal workflows with features to support the creation, packaging, review, and approval of submittals.

Key Benefits

  • Create submittal items & packages
  • Control reviewer privileges
  • Add comments and attachments
  • Track status of submittals

Submittal Items

Create and organize individual submittal items, or import from specifications.

Submittal Packages

Easily create packages and package submittal items as desired.

Add Items to Package

Add submittal items to a new or existing package.


Assign items to a specification section, or create new sections for items.

Submittal Review

Designate reviewers and co-reviewers, assign due dates, and add notes.

Workflow Date Tracking

As Submittal Items move through the workflow (forward or backward), transition dates are automatically tracked.

Item Revisions

Easily revise items marked “Revise and Resubmit” or “Rejected”.

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