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The ability to manage risk on construction projects is all about having access to the right data at the right time. Predict, prevent and manage risk with instant visibility to daily priorities, a snapshot of individual project health and insights into company-wide performance.

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Prediction and Analytics Benefits of using BIM 360 to manage project risk

Leverage Construction IQ to use built in machine learning and AI functionality to identify and prioritize the construction risk that happens every day during project execution.

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Project risk

Identify high risk issues that have potential to impact cost, schedule, quality, and safety and prioritize daily action

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Subcontractor risk

Evaluate subcontractor performance and predict potential risks on a day-to-day basis and for future projects

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Company risk

View quality and safety risk patterns across projects to inform discussions with project teams and drive continuous improvement

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Analytics Workflow Identify field quality, safety and design risks and bring actionable insight to project teams every day

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Key Features The key features for prediction and analytics

BIM 360 and Construction IQ help companies predict, prevent, and manage risk by giving them instant visibility into daily priorities, a snapshot of individual project health, as well as insights into company-wide performance.

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