Features Design Review

Careful review and analysis of drawings and models that are shared with the team leads to more accurate estimating, scheduling and building with less rework. BIM 360 supports design review workflows with core capabilities for viewing and commenting on sheets and models, with powerful change visualization capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Visualize design changes
  • Add comments to drawings and models
  • Track review activity
  • Assign and manage design issues

Compare Versions

Visualize changes between sheet and model versions with indicators of added, modified, or removed items.

2D & 3D Markups

Add shapes, lines, or text markups to sheets and models to communicate with the team.


Perform linear, angle and area measurements on drawings or models to support quantification and constructability, and communicate measurements via markups.

Markup Permissions

Control the visibility of markups as private or share with the team. Close markups, or maintain them in future versions through automatic slip-sheeting.

Design Issues

Create and assign design issues to resolve drawing or model errors or omissions.

Version Control

Track every document update, including automatic slip sheeting, to maintain a current set and record of previous versions.

Approval Workflow

Customize an automated review workflow to streamline and simplify design and constructability review process.

Risk Prediction

Leverage Construction IQ to predict and prevent costly design issues relating to code compliance, building components, or document errors as well as view any overdue design issues or reviews.

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