Примите участие в цифровой международной конференции AU 2020

17-20 ноября состоится конференция AU 2020. Участие бесплатное. AU 2020 – это сотни динамичных сессий разных форматов на разных языках, общение с сообществом профессионалов и коллег, новый опыт и новые знания. Регистрация на конференцию откроется в середине сентября 2020.



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Join us for the opening General Session to hear from Autodesk and industry leaders who share a common vision for using technology to help make a better world through automation, working smarter, and intentional design.

The Expo

Explore the Expo to see how industry peers are using new technologies, get hands-on with tools, and talk to the teams behind the projects. Engage with exhibitors and join your community in the industry zones.



Keeping pace with rapid change requires consistent support, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. Learn from peers and leaders in your industry and take your professional practice to the next level.


Speaker Spotlight


Bastian Schaefer

Innovation Manager, Airbus Technology

Bastian Schaefer is an innovation manager in the “Technology Exploration” department at Airbus Technology, Airbus' CTO organization. He leads and accompanies approaches to "Generative Design" and biomimicry, which are applied to a variety of problems such as aircraft construction, aircraft parts, but also industrial infrastructures. During his work at "Cabin Innovation Strategy & Concepts", he was technical leader of the "Airbus Concept Cabin 2050", which became an icon for sustainable aviation within the entire aviation industry. Bastian is an automotive engineer, environmentalist, kite surfer and TED speaker.

Scott Reese

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, Cloud and Production Products, Autodesk

Scott Reese is senior vice president of Manufacturing, Cloud and Production Products, which enables Autodesk customers to design and make in new ways. Scott is focused on anticipating and supporting the needs of industries that deliver long-term growth for Autodesk. Scott manages product development for Autodesk cloud products targeting the manufacturing, construction, and media and entertainment industries. These products include Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Netfabb, Autodesk Powermill and Autodesk Shotgun, as well as the broader Autodesk Forge platform.


You are AU. Talk with product experts and get your questions answered at the Answer Bar. Visit the Idea Exchange to share ideas on how Autodesk can help you work toward your opportunity of better. And connect with industry peers and experts throughout the conference.

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AU London 2019 recordings

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Opening Keynote

Join Autodesk’s VP of Cloud Platform Sam Ramji, MACE’s Director of Innovation Matt Gough, and Autodesk’s Director of Robotics Dr. Erin Bradner as they explore the biggest design opportunity we have ever seen—the opportunity that is created as the world’s inevitable demand for more clashes with its limited resources. The opportunity of better.

Industry keynote

Industry Keynote

AECOM’s Dale Sinclair joins a variety of speakers from Autodesk’s industry strategy and product teams to explore what the opportunity of better means for the AEC and Manufacturing industries, and what we have to gain as these industries converge.

Autodesk is tracking the developments related to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Ensuring the safety and health of our attendees and employees is a top priority, and we are monitoring guidance provided by governments and health organizations around the world in order to make timely and informed decisions. We will keep you updated of any information related to AU London 2020, and in the event of a cancellation, AU passes will be fully refunded.