Industry Talk
Is VR the Future of Collaborative Coordination? Exploring IrisVr's Prospect
课程 ID: CS502872
产品: Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, Autodesk Build, Navisworks, Revit
主题: AR, VR, XR, and Reality Capture, Cloud Collaboration, Design Visualization, Digital Construction, Model Coordination


What will the future of Collaborative Design and Construction Coordination Meetings look like? Will we all be wearing VR headsets and joining coordination meetings remotely? What is the value and ROI of VR technology today? Will collaboration be within the office teams or include the field installation teams as well? These are some of the typical questions we will answer about this new technology and its readiness to be implemented. As MEP VDC coordination managers and consultants, we will speak from experience testing and implementing VR technology into VDC Coordination workflows and meetings.

Engaging and enabling the field to better participate in coordination with VR will change the process forever. This session will explore the readiness of IrisVR's Prospect software for implementation in coordination workflows and meetings. We will highlight the value VR technology provides both in the office and field, and the steps required for implementation.


  1. Analyze IrisVR Prospect for readiness and ROI
  2. Choose and Develop VR Workflows to Implement
  3. Engage and enable field teams to better participate in the coordination process
  4. Explore the downstream impacts of providing non-technical field teams with easy access and interaction with BIM models