Roundtable Discussion
What does Sustainability mean for Architects?
课程 ID: AS501809-rt
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主题: Building Design, Future of Work, Simulation and Analysis, Smart Cities, Sustainability


The term "sustainability" is a broad term that covers a wide range of topics. We've come to learn more about what sustainability means in the architecture world. Let's talk about how we can fill up the gaps in everyday architectural procedures. Our goal is to create better collaboration so that we can design, build, and operate in a more sustainable manner. We hope to bring together thought leaders from the architectural sector in this event to discuss methods to make the adoption of early and predictive analysis more sustainable. We'll also talk about the stumbling obstacles to effective collaboration and communication with stakeholders. We will share the raw data obtained at the end of this session to help you start navigating these barriers when you return to your workplace.


  1. Prepare for sustainable standards/parameters for design analysis study.
  2. Define what sustainability means to Architects
  3. Deliver sustainably with a cross industry process
  4. Gather and Collect data that will help your organizations sustainability journey