Industry Talk
Exploring BIM Interoperability for a Non-profit Firm's Sustainability Goals
课程 ID: AS501669
产品: Autodesk Construction Cloud Connect, Dynamo Studio, FormIt, Revit
主题: Building Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Computational Design, Simulation and Analysis, Sustainability


Join us as we look back on Build Health International's important work, as well as its collaboration with the Autodesk Foundation & Microdesk's Co-Innovation Lab, in developing workflows for more sustainable and comfortable buildings. This session will focus on the interoperability between Autodesk Revit and Rhino using Rhino Inside Revit to better document & analyze design strategies, building on earlier workflows using Ladybug/Honeybee in Rhino Grasshopper for climate and conceptual comfort analysis. This talk will also cover how to use Ladybug Tools' Pollination Cloud to produce high-quality energy models from Revit elements, which can then be exported for use in energy analysis tools. Finally, we'll look at how including energy modeling early in the project lifecycle can lead to better collaboration with project stakeholders by establishing procedures for the design of high-quality, energy-efficient buildings in areas of Africa & Haiti where reliable energy is scarce.


  1. Identify the possibilities of BIM interoperability for sustainable workflows in a non-profit architecture firm.
  2. Explain why the use of energy modeling throughout the project lifecycle can facilitate greater insight into design decisions.
  3. Review how BHI and Microdesk’s partnership lead to the implementation of new digital workflows for analyzing design projects
  4. Highlight BHI’s use of BIM software and workflows to assist in solving challenges in locations such as Haiti and Africa.