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How Collaboration for Revit Is Fostering MEP BIM Project Execution
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As Building Information Modeling (BIM) uptake continues to grow across all disciplines, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) design and MEP spatial coordination is at a particularly interesting stage. The need for both design information inputs and the sharing of design updates from architects, structural engineers, and various specialist MEP designers places pressure on, and increases risk for, MEP coordination teams. While many collaboration tools have been used for file sharing, the advent of Collaboration for Revit cloud service has provided a platform for a new level of buy-in and adoption. The range of benefits that Collaboration for Revit provides-including the ability to house central files-is seeing an increased level of engagement and improved output on time in the industry. We'll demonstrate, through our established workflow and numerous worldwide projects, just how to manage MEP BIM projects using tools such as Revit MEP software and Navisworks software, and we'll show participants the benefits of Collaboration for Revit for effective MEP coordination management.


  • Understand MEP BIM workflow
  • Understand how Collaboration for Revit enables broader participation of MEP coordination
  • See how MEP spatial coordination workflow is improving with Collaboration for Revit
  • Understand how design certainty has increased due to BIM and Collaboration for Revit