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Deploying Autodesk Software the Easy Way
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You don’t have to be an information technology (IT) specialist to deploy Autodesk, Inc., software the easy way. Autodesk software installs can take sufficient effort to deploy to multiple computers. This class will explore the creation of deployment packages and push technology. This can greatly reduce the amount of effort needed to deploy Autodesk software. Streamline the deployment of Autodesk software and add-ons using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 software (SCCM) and script technology. Whether you’re deploying Autodesk products to 2 or 2,000 computers, you can use these techniques with SCCM. You can also use this same workflow for other similar IT software management tools to deploy Autodesk products. We will explore the creation of Autodesk package creation using the package creation tool in Autodesk products. We will also look at how to create a SCCM software package, and learn how to deploy that package to a collection of computers. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn about the creation of Autodesk deployments
  • Learn how to create scripts (CMD and batch files) to deploy add-ons
  • Learn about SCCM packages creation
  • Learn about software reports and deployment monitoring