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Hands-on lab    MSF21731-L
Advance Steel: Working Well with Revit
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Design revisions can be compared to washing machines—the model will spin around until designs are finalized. Capitalizing on the bi-directional link with Revit software helps enable a more coordinated process. This class will dive deeply into the new Structural Connections for Revit software to enable designers to reach a high level of detail. Additionally, we will take a look at the Advance Steel software extension for Revit software, and how only the change of the model can be applied to each software for better-coordinated Building Information Modeling (BIM) models. This session features Advance Steel and Revit.


  • Become familiar with the Structural Connection Component within Revit
  • Learn how to get to a high level of detail before sending models to Advance Steel
  • Discover the ability to better coordinate Fabrication models with design models
  • Learn how to enable the workflow to increase design accuracy for site assembly