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Beyond State Plane: A Look at Custom Ground Coordinate Systems in Civil 3D/ AutoCAD Map 3D
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In this class, we’ll explore the creation of a custom ground coordinate system in Civil 3D software and AutoCAD Map 3D software. Currently, all coordinate systems that come with Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map 3D, and InfraWorks software are grid coordinate systems. With that said, we’ll create what’s called a low distortion projection (LDP). We’ll pick a mean elevation for this LDP, which will be our combined scale factor for this new ground coordinate system definition. Once this is defined, any and all data imported (GIS data, imagery) will now be transformed to your ground coordinate system. Your engineering clients will love you for doing this!


  • Learn what an LDP (low distortion projection) is, which defines your custom ground coordinate system
  • Learn how to determine the point of origin that defines your custom LDP
  • Learn how determine your projection that defines your custom LDP
  • Learn how determine your combined scale factor that defines your custom LDP