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Developing Efficient Fabrication Hanger-Placement Solution Based on Dynamo for Revit
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Join this class to learn how to use the Revit API to develop a custom node to extend Dynamo for Revit by yourself. In this demonstration, we will show how to use the Dynamo custom node to automatically place Revit MEP Fabrication hangers according to the rules stored in a Microsoft Excel sheet. Dynamo for Revit does not support creation of Revit MEP fabrication parts with standard nodes, so in the sample, we’ll use a custom node developed via the Revit API. The custom node is developed on top of Revit Fabrication MEP API. The topic covers both Dynamo custom node and some Revit MEP Fabrication workflows driven by programming on top of the Revit API.


  • Learn how to use the Revit API to develop C# custom nodes to extend Dynamo for Revit
  • Learn how to jointly program with Dynamo for Revit and Revit API
  • Learn how to build Revit MEP Fabrication workflows (such as the auto placement of hangers using the Revit Fabrication API)
  • Learn how to extend Dynamo for Revit by yourself