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BIM 360 Experiences: Bilateral Benefits When Academia Meets AECO Industry Reality
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The BIM 360 products provide project teams with a range of options for project collaboration that differ from the traditional ways of conducting business and can intimidate new users. This class will focus on the development and advantages of a collaborative learning exercise between industry partners and academic institutions, with the goal of exposing students to real-world collaborative experiences they will face as they begin their careers in the architecture, engineering, construction, and owner-operated (AECO) industry. Learn how industry partners have the opportunity to push the boundaries of their BIM 360 utilization in a no-risk environment, while affording new employees valuable experience. Academics Nathan Blinn and Dr. Raymond Issa-with David Epps, director of construction technology for Winter Construction-will share their experiences with BIM 360 software, while providing a customizable blueprint for the development of your own BIM 360 learning exercise, complete with lessons learned and learning objectives.


  • Learn how to plan and execute collaborative BIM 360 learning experiences based on varied levels of involvement and difficulty
  • Understand the potential for mutually beneficial in-situ training in a low-risk environment through industry and academic collaborative experiences
  • Learn how to outline and avoid common barriers to collaboration, from both industry and academic perspectives
  • Discover the benefits of industry and academic partnerships, while encouraging goal-oriented solutions for real-world problems