Lecture    CV6317-P
Advanced Survey: 5 Practical Examples
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This class will show 5 examples that will help you to understand survey functionality within AutoCAD Civil 3D software—and they're not just limited to survey tasks. These 5 real-world examples will show how data misinterpretation can result in costly engineering mistakes. You'll also discover how to use a project in both assumed coordinates and real-world systems; how to automate cadastral and topographical feature creation tasks; how to add and manage extended data to survey points and features; and how to use survey data to set up repeatable corridor targeting scenarios. We will do a deep and rapid dive into these subjects and you will leave amazed by the variety of things you can do using the survey functionality in AutoCAD Civil 3D software.


  • Learn about grid-to-ground measure and how to avoid engineering mistakes
  • Learn how to set up automatic field-to-finish so that base map and topographic features are instantly generated
  • Learn how to add extended data to points and figures for use in cadastral, GIS, and BIM systems
  • Understand how survey figures may be used for repeatable corridor targeting