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Class is in session. Investigating key injection molding effects with the Universtiy of Bradford
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 Moldflow Insight software and the University of Bradford have a long-standing collaboration investigating key injection moulding effects such as fiber orientation, residual stresses, warpage, post-injection product performance, heat transfer, and feature replication in both standard injection moulding and micro-moulding processes. This presentation builds on the Autodesk University 2011 and 2013 classes and will cover the experimental and computational analysis of short- and long-fiber reinforced components during injection moulding, thermal investigations of the micro-moulding process, and an outline of future collaborative work between University of Bradford and  Moldflow Insight software.


  • Learn how to select the most appropriate analysis route for product development
  • Discover the validity of analysis results with a view to final product geometry and performance
  • Discover the process being analyzed for the injection moulding of polymer composites and micromouldings
  • Discover best practices for in-house Moldflow Insight analyzes, leading to FE modeling