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Simple, Fast, and Flexible: Fusion 360 Can Accelerate Drone Development Process
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Designing and manufacturing the prototype of a fixed-wing drone that can fly stably requires complicated computing, design modeling, and manufacturing processes. These are very difficult, especially for the new students in the aerospace arena. However, Fusion 360 software can help make the workflow simple. Fusion 360 has greatly improved the efficiency and flexibility of drone structure design. Using the models exported by Fusion 360, students can produce the drone prototype through 3D printing, and then assemble the whole aircraft in a very short time. In this class, you’ll see the workflow from design to manufacturing and the flight-test scenarios. Find out how Fusion 360 makes it so simple and fast, and helps young students realize their flying dream.


  • Learn how to define the shape of drone fuselage by T-spline and lofting method
  • Learn how to create "mesh support" inside the drone using the basic operation of Fusion 360
  • Learn how to verify the 3D-printing process in the Fusion 360 "manufacturing" workspace
  • Learn about validating the feasibility of the drone with basic flight mechanics principles