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Roundtable    IT20776-R
Don't Fire or Retire Them—Inspire Them: Getting Resistant Users to Enjoy Revit
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Having worked to introduce and expand Revit software into many different offices, I have often found there is a “soft spot” for the introduction, made up of individuals wanting to learn and use Revit software. There is also a typical progression into different phases of projects, usually starting with design development, which is typically regarded as “appropriate” for Revit software. While getting this initial implementation is important, it is trickier to increase the use of Revit software by other staff less willing to give up their tools, either in early stages of design or in the more technical later stages. I have developed a variety of presentations, workshops, and strategies that have helped to increase Revit software use throughout the office and throughout project stages. This also provides the additional benefit of increasing everyone's capabilities in our central building design and development software, and it creates an environment of sharing and creation. 

Key Learnings

  • Use techniques to increase Revit use throughout office
  • Give workshops specific to various project tasks and people
  • Develop strategies to leverage office dynamics and expertisesks
  • Encourage use by capitalizing on BIM tools associated with Revit