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Hands-on Lab    AC2829-L
Compelling Composite 3D Solid and Surface Modeling Techniques in AutoCAD 2014
Autodesk University
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This intermediate-to-advanced hands-on lab offers 3D AutoCAD software veterans as well as AutoCAD 2D users a chance to explore 3D solid and surface modeling techniques for creating compelling composite 3D solid and surfaced part models in AutoCAD 2014. Tools for creating 3D solids with surfaces will accelerate your design workflow. Learn new techniques that will supersede your old-school techniques and develop a new level of understanding for creating and editing 3D models. In this lab, we explore solid and surface extrudes, sweeps, lofts, and revolves. We also explore creating procedural, networked, blended, patched, and trimmed surfaces using surface slicing workflows. If you used AutoCAD 3D in the past, attend this class and get ready to be surprised!


  • Create 3D solid models
  • Create 3D surface models
  • Edit solid and surface models to create 3D composites
  • Use surface slicing techniques to produce 3D composite 3D models