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Keep Your CAD Customizations Local Rather than Making a Global Mistake
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Have you ever had that user who modified a plotter setting and saved that setting globally for all—and now all of your users can’t plot correctly? This can happen with any customized file you deploy to a network shared location. In this class, we will learn how to take your global settings and customizations and deploy them locally to your users’ computers. We will discuss how to create a hidden network share to act as a master folder to house all of your custom settings. We will review using login scripts so each time a user logs on to their computer, a local copy of the master folder is synchronized per the master folder contents. From there, we will path our AutoCAD software options to our local folder locations and create a master profile for AutoCAD products. Finally, we will review how easy it can be to reset your CAD profile to your original deployed state. If you have users who like to change settings and then ask you why things aren’t working, this class is for you.


  • Learn how to create hidden network shared folders to act as master locations for your company customizations
  • Learn how to use Windows Login Scripting to synchronize your network master folder to all of your users’ local hard drives
  • Learn how to configure AutoCAD options to point to local copies of this master folder, and tie it all together into a master company profile
  • Learn how to easily reset CAD back to your original customized setup, all through desktop icons