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How to Meet Your 2030 Challenge Goals with Revit and Insight
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Your firm signed up for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2030 Challenge . . . so now what? In this presentation, a building performance specialist from Dekker/Perich/Sabatini will outline how they’ve implemented the 2030 Challenge. In this 90-minute session, we’ll discuss key considerations, from becoming a 2030 signatory through the software and best practices implemented during reporting. We’ll then dive into how to investigate early model analysis and how to convey valuable feedback to clients and design teams, including how to lower the predicted energy use intensity (EUI) while targeting the reduction goals set by the 2030 Challenge. We’ll also cover the deliverables provided to project design and engineering teams to ensure confidence in proposed energy-saving tactics and paths. This presentation will provide attendees with the tools needed to not only implement 2030 at their firms, but to also make a difference by reducing their carbon footprint!


  • Learn how to create a schematic energy model and how to advance it throughout the process
  • Learn how to implement a 2030 reporting process at your firm
  • Learn how to analyze the data to guide design decisions
  • Learn how to fine-tune your presentation