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3ds Max: A Case Study in Design Viz
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3ds Max software is a mature, 3D digital content-creation package. It is widely used in the video game industry by numerous TV and VFX studios, and it’s a standard in design and architectural visualization. It’s the perfect outlet to let you explore and express your creativity and design intent. In this session, we’ll first explore best practices for importing design data into 3ds Max. Next, we’ll take a look at workflows for embellishing, adding details, and bringing your designs to life. Finally, we’ll use the flexibility of 3ds Max software’s powerful artist tools to achieve a look and feel that is truly your own. Take the lead, convey your vision, and tell your story with 3ds Max!

Key Learnings

  • Learn best practices to import architectural design data into 3ds Max
  • Learn how to add entourage and details to embellish your scene
  • Learn workflows to create animated content and breath life into our project
  • Learn rendering techniques for different lighting scenarios