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Industry Talk    BM10362
Capturing Strategic Value Using Multiple 3D Platforms (Inventor, Revit, Inventor ETO, Vault)
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This class will show how a business built on mass customization was transformed from a 2D-based environment to a full 3D operation. We will discuss automation and interaction of multiple 3D platforms and products, including how every aspect of the business has been impacted (sales automation, digital design, inventive CAD-CAM, paperless manufacturing, and more). The class will discuss how Inventor software and Vault software have been taken beyond being technical tools to becoming effective global enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. We will show how you can use Vault software to provide real-time cost accounting, material management, procurement, and strategic pricing in a highly customized global business. We will also discuss the inventive ways of creating workflows, enabling multiple product platforms (Inventor software, Revit software, 3ds Max software) and internal processes (architectural design, product design, manufacturing, technical sales) to work together in collaborative and efficient ways. We will also discuss metrics and strategic business benefits.


  • See innovative ways of how multiple product platforms and processes can work efficiently together in real time
  • Discover how automation can impact the entire organization and transform the business model
  • Discover how global reach can be extended through the use of sales automation and advanced custom visualization tools
  • Learn how to take Autodesk products beyond being technical or design tools and use them as ERP system drivers for a global business