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The Secret to Landscape Modeling with Revit
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Globally, the construction industry is transitioning over to Building Information Modeling (BIM) at an accelerated pace. Governments are starting to include BIM as a requirement for their contracts. Landscape architects and urban designers around the world are wondering how to transition to a BIM environment to avoid being left behind. Building Information Modeling. Its name relates exclusively to building design, so the main questions is: Can landscape architects and landscape designers work with Revit software? The answer? Absolutely YES! This lecture will describe the basic workflows for modeling hard and soft landscape elements and topography using Revit software. We will also explore the main difficulties and how to overcome them. You will discover how you can build your landscape designs in Revit software and get the most from the software. This session features Revit. AIA Approved


  • Identify the difficulties of modeling landscape designs with Revit and how to remedy them
  • Learn how to use Revit to build hard landscape elements
  • Discover ways to model soft landscape elements
  • Learn how to make topography work for you in Revit