Lecture    CI2170
BIM for Civil Engineers: Intelligent Hydraulics and Hydrology with AutoCAD Civil 3D
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AutoCAD Civil 3D software gives us many great features out-of-the-box for our day-to-day hydraulics and hydrology (H&H) modeling needs, but it's not until you dig deeper that you find it can truly bring out the I in BIM for civil engineers. Stop limiting your H&H workflow inside of the AutoCAD® software environment to simple area takeoffs. Don't limit the pipe network functionality to what comes out-of-the-box. Learn to use Civil 3D pipe networks, parcels, and catchment objects to greatly improve H&H productivity and drainage map plan production. Empower your team with the tools needed for advanced H&H workflows in Civil 3D as the data is prepared for seamless exporting into the Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension for Civil 3D or for Autodesk® Storm and Sanitary Analysis software. This class focuses on setting up your drawing templates and shared part catalogs for enhanced H&H modeling. We do discuss workflows, but this class focuses mainly on setting up the tools that are needed to perform the workflows.


  • Create dynamic labels and expressions for storm systems and hydrology catchment areas
  • Customize parcel styles and user-defined properties for hydrology information modeling
  • Customize the part catalog shared parameters for enhanced information modeling and data entry
  • Prepare standard or specialized drawing templates for a fully integrated hydrology and hydraulics workflow