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Hands-on lab    PD20446-L
Configurator 360 Hands-on: Create and Deploy Your Parametric Designs to Anyone
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In this hands-on lab, we will use Inventor software and Configurator 360 software to create a fully configurable model available in the cloud. We will start with an Inventor model and explore different strategies for driving it parametrically, like iLogic rules, forms, and deriving parts. We will fine-tune the model to configure it successfully in Configurator 360 software, and we will learn how to display user messages for customers. Finally, we will upload the model and ready it for deployment everywhere. This session features Configurator 360 and Inventor Professional.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to upload a model in Configurator 360
  • Learn how to use various methods to create parametrically driven assemblies
  • Learn how to set your Configurator 360 environment
  • Learn how to deploy your design to colleagues or customers