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Industry talk    CS22159
Integrating Project Delivery
Autodesk University
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This industry talk will focus on a new perspective on integrated project delivery (IPD) of sustainable, high-performing buildings. They can only be achieved through a building with integrated building systems, which can only be produced through an integrated process. An integrated process depends on the right people and an integrated team, which needs integrated information—that is, BIM+—to function effectively and efficiently. Simulation and visualization are the primary ways in which BIM+ informs the integrated team. Collaboration and colocation are the primary ways that enable the integrated team to integrate processes. Production management methods enable the productive design, fabrication, and construction of the integrated building system. Outcome metrics define the performance of the building and validate the integrated building system. All of this is supported by the appropriate agreement or framework. This session features BIM 360 Glue. AIA Approved


  • Understand how BIM and simulation support design for sustainable, high-performance buildings
  • Understand BIM as a foundation for designing to performance targets within the time and money available
  • Understand how BIM field applications support high-quality lean construction
  • Understand how to use technology to strengthen collaboration and integrated design and construction