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Lecture    AB5745
When is a Door Not a Door?
Autodesk University
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This classic children's riddle holds the key to using any program for detailed building design, including AutoCAD Architecture software. No software provides every tool that is needed to model a building completely, so it is necessary to discover creative uses for the tools that are provided. This session will present several ways in which AutoCAD Architecture software customers are adapting standard objects to non-standard purposes. For example, a door is not a door, at least not one that you want to include in a door schedule, when it is part of a cabinet created as a door and window assembly. We can use the railing object to create, modify, and schedule seating layouts. Railings can also create railroad tracks, telephone posts, and cables. Windows can be skylights or manhole covers. Structural members can form parking lines. The class will describe these adaptations and others, as well as the steps needed to employ them effectively.


  • Understand and use schedules, property set definitions, and classifications to get the desired results
  • Learn how to apply custom blocks to structural members and railings, as well as other objects
  • Explore advanced use of the display system: representations, properties, sets, and overrides
  • Learn the answer to the riddle