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Make your customer more successful by making service data available!
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Every company should strive to make its customers more successful! A very important topic is that the customers have permanent access to good data available in the expert systems in ERP, Vault, Inventor and other systems over all life phases of the machines and plants.
Companies can make their customer more successful, reducing internal and administrative work through the clever use of existing engineering data in the company with the help of service information systems! This potential transformed into proactive customer service leads to more orders and turnover!
The demands of the fast-changing times are only realised with very good information management. Companies have good information in their expert systems ERP and PDM. However, access to this information is denied to many employees. The expert systems are complex, sometimes difficult to understand and operate, and often not linked.


  • How do you manage to achieve more turnover and throughput in spare parts sales with the resources you have?
  • How do you succeed in finding instead of searching? How do you make your service support more accurate and effective?
  • How do you make your own service data and knowledge available to customers, agents, all staff, anywhere on any device?
  • How do you clean up your data? How do you organise your Vault, Inventor, ERP and other systems data and make them available?