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From 0 to 60, the AutoCAD Civil 3D Road Trip of a Lifetime
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This class will discuss Jacobs Engineering Group’s implementation of AutoCAD Civil 3D software, which started a 3-year journey in preparation for the U.K. Building Information Modeling (BIM) mandate. We will discuss how Jacobs determined which project to use as a pilot, and identification of candidate projects for the early adopter schemes proposed for its U.K. Highways BIM implementation plan. We will talk through the issues faced and resolutions implemented, including the need to create standard subassemblies to enable the company to have greater control over models when compared to the out-of-the-box subassemblies, and the need to re-create them due to construction setting-out issues. The class will conclude with a discussion of the implementation of ProjectWise software on Jacobs’ BIM projects, developments with Bentley to improve the AutoCAD Civil 3D software integration to enable the industry to continue using AutoCAD Civil 3D software effectively, and the use of third-party software that is integrated into AutoCAD Civil 3D software to enable Jacobs to deliver all aspects of 3D. This session features AutoCAD Civil 3D and Navisworks Manage.


  • Discover the advantages of using your own subassemblies
  • Learn about the benefits and struggles of integrating a CDE with AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Learn how to use third-party software within AutoCAD Civil 3D to help deliver your designs